Trife Trizzle was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and lived 9 yrs of his life in Atlanta; where he found the love for producing and DJing. He started his DJ career working alongside Ali, of the St Lunatics, then moved on to start producing for Raekwon’s American Cream Team. Trife is a solid force in Derrty Entertainment as the Official Tour DJ. He has produced songs for Nelly, Murphy Lee, Ali, Pimp C and Avery Storm, as well as other St. Louis and global reggae artists. Trife has also co-produced alongside a fellow popular St. Louis producer, Jay-E of Basement Beats, to whom he also shares a personal friendship with. Trife has also produced for duo group 'Ali & Gipp' on their groundbreaking song 'Go Head'.


Now that Trife has surpassed many achievements, traveled the world and secured his position as a prominent producer and business man through his production company titled 'Triful Toones', he now produces and discovers major Reggae Artists. Triful Toons has expanded from a domestic American company to a worldwide, international force to be reckoned with.

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