Lavell Webb, better known by his stage name as City Spud, is a core member of the rap group St. Lunatics. The group had a major local hit in 1997 with "Gimme What U Got," and worked alongside Nelly at Universal Records shortly after Nelly  was signed by the label in 1999. City Spud produced, wrote and featured on Nelly's breakthrough hit single "Ride Wit Me". City Spud, along with Jay-E, produced Nelly's debut album titled, "Country Grammer". 

After a brief hiatus, Nelly as a solo act, exploded onto the charts. City Spud's contributions to "Country Grammer" attributed to it's large success with the album selling over 10 million records worldwide. The St. Lunatics, who titled their debut group album Free City in support of City Spud, went on to sell over 5 million copies as well. Returning back to the music scene in 2008, City Spud went on to write, produce and release a mixtape titled Twelve12. This featured some prominent St. Louis artists, including his fellow group members the St. Lunatics. City Spud can be seen touring the globe and is anticipating the release of his new mixtape which will have it's name released in 2019.


Download City Spud's Mixtape HERE.

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2000 - Ride Wit Me - Nelly ft. City Spud

2010 - Tear the Mall Up - Murphy Lee ft. City Spud

2012 - Love Me - City Spud ft. Lil STL

2013 - Show Me How Ya Do

2015 - I Could Neva - JGE Retro ft. City Spud